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Name Research Department Website
Aikat, Jay School of Data Science and Society
Argon, Nilay Statistics & Operations Research
Bai, Wubin Applied Physical Sciences
Bane, John Earth, Marine, and Environmental Sciences
Banerjee, Sayan Statistics & Operations Research
Baric, Ralph Department of Epidemiology
Bear, Jim Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center
Bhattacharya, Arunima Mathematics
Bhamidi, Shankar Statistics & Operations Research
Bloom, Kerry Biology
Boucher, Richard School of Medicine
Brunk, Elizabeth Chemistry
Budhiraja, Amarjit Statistics & Operations Research
Button, Brian Biochemistry & Biophysics
Calabrese, Mauro Pharmacology
Cao, Yanguang School of Pharmacy
Carpenter, Jerome Pharmacology
Chen, Can Pathology and Lab Medicine Website Coming Soon
Cherednik, Ivan Mathematics Website Coming Soon
Christianson, Hans Mathematics
Dempsey, Jillian Chemistry
Dobrynin, Andrey Chemistry
Doerschuk, Claire School of Medicine
Dumetriscu, Olivia Mathematics
Duronio, Bob Biology
Elston, Tim Pharmacology and Computational Medicine
Falvo, Michael NC School of Science aand Mathematics Website Coming Soon
Fraiman, Nicolas Statistics & Operations Research
Freeman, Ronit Applied Physical Sciences
Gallippi, Caterina Biomedical Engineering
Hagood, Jim Pediatrics
Hahn, Klaus Pharmacology
Hannig, Jan Statistics & Operations Research
Hedrick, Tyson Biology
Hill, David Biomedical Engineering
Huang, Jinsong Applied Physical Sciences
Hudgens, Michael Biostatistics
Jaspers, Ilona Environmental Sciences and Engineering
Jones, Alan Biology
Kanai, Yosuke Chemistry
Kesimer, Mehmet Pathology and Lab Medicine
Klotsa, Daphne Applied Physical Sciences
Knight, Abigail Chemistrry
Kosorok, Michael Biostatistics
Kuhlman, Brian Biochemistry & Biophysics
Lee, Harlin School of Data Science and Society
Leibfarth, Frank Chemistry
Li, Didong Biostatics
Li, Quefeng Biostatistics
Li, Yun Computational Medicine
Li, Yao Statistics & Operations Research
Lin, Youzuo School of Data Science and Society
Livraghi-Butrico, Alessandra Microbiology & Immunology
Love, Mike Genetics
Lu, Zhiyue Chemistry
Liu, Yufeng Statistics & Operations Research
Lu, Jianpeng Physics and Astronomy
Luettich, Rick Earth, Marine, and Environmental Sciences
Maddox, Amy Shaub Biology
Maddox, Paul Biology
Magnuson, Terry School of Data Science and Society Website Coming Soon
Marron, Steve Statistics & Operations Research
McAvoy, Alex School of Data Science and Society Website Coming Soon
Miao, Yinglong Pharmacology
Miller, Cass T. Environment Sciences and Engineering Website Coming Soon
Nazockdast, Ehssan Applied Physical Sciences
Niethammer, Marc Computer Science
Nobel, Andrew Statistics & Operations Research
Oldenburg, Amy Physics and Astronomy
Olvera-Cravioto, Mariana Statistics & Operations Research
Palmer, Adam Pharmacology
Pégard, Nicolas Applied Physical Sciences Website Coming Soon
Pieri, Elise Chemistry
Pinton, Gianmarco Biomedical Engineering
Pipiras, Vladas Statistics & Operations Research
Polacheck, William Biomedical Engineering
Purvis, Jeremy Genetics
Randell, Scott Cell Biology and Physiology
Rivard, Courtney English & Comparative Literature
Rodríguez-Romaguera, Jose Statistics & Operations Research
Samarjit, Chakraborty Computer Science
Seim, Harvey Earth, Marine, and Environmental Sciences
Servedio, Maria Biology
Slep, Kevin Biology
Smith, Richard Statistics & Operations Research
Stanley, Natalie Computer Science
Styner, Martin Psychiatry
Superfine, Richard Applied Physical Sciences
Tran-Dinh, Quoc Statistics & Operations Research
Tropsha, Alex Chemical Biology and Medicinal Chemistry
Tsui, Frank Physics and Astronomy
Vision, Todd Biology
Weigand, Tim Environment Sciences and Engineering
Williams, Mark Mathematics
Wu, Guorong Psychiatry
Zhang, Kai Statistics & Operations Research
Zhu, Hongtu Biostatistics