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  • Joint Mathematics & Marine Sciences Fluid Laboratory
    • The Joint Fluid Laboratory (JFL), managed by the Department of Mathematics, brings faculty from mathematics, marine sciences, and biology together to work on all things fluid. The lab houses a 36 meter, modular, wave tank,  a tilting wind tunnel, a filtration and desalinization facility for reuse of salt water and quick stratification.  Lab instrumentation includes high speed 3D particle imaging velocimetry, highly accurate density and temperature measurement, a custom 0.003 kelvin  stable bath, and numerous imaging equipment for studying complex fluid dynamics. The lab is funded thanks to generous support from the University of North Carolina, the National Science Foundation, and the Office of Naval Research.
  • UNC computational resources
    • ITS Research Computing (ITS-RC) aims to provide world-class computing and data infrastructure as well as other technology tools and capabilities to support the research needs of faculty, staff, and collaborators. Our goal is to provide state-of-the-art environments and services supporting the highest level of multidisciplinary research.
  • Applied Mathematics computational resources
    • SciComp@UNC environment
      • SciComp@UNC supports:
        • Production of live documents with embedded code to allow interactive investigation of topics within scientific computing
        • Verifiable and reproducible research in scientific computing
        • Portability to new hardware hosts by simple copying of the virtual machine
  • Physical Mathematics Laboratory
    • At the Physical Mathematics Lab we are interested in fundamental problems that find motivation in physics and engineering. Our projects are interdisciplinary; we combine theory, simulations & experiments to unveil and rationalize new natural phenomena.

      The PML research team consists of instructors, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students and undergraduates working in a variety of soft-matter problems that find motivation in markedly diverse areas. We treasure multidisciplinary research, experimental and theoretical developments both inspire and constrain one another in our projects. PML members benefit from working in The Research Triangle, a vibrant area for research.