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The Carolina Center for Interdisciplinary Applied Mathematics (CCIAM) integrates research and educational activities in mathematics and its intimate ties with the physical, engineering, biological, medical, and social sciences. The Center focus is to bring the power of mathematics to bear on the most intriguing, challenging, and relevant problems of our time, in collaborations with colleagues at UNC and elsewhere. These activities and advances in mathematics and scientific computation are continuously folded into our undergraduate and graduate curriculum, and provide broad research opportunities and collaborations with CCIAM faculty, post-doctoral scholars, and students.

The Applied Mathematics Program was started in 1996 as a result of a UNC initiative to provide expertise in mathematical modeling and computational science for the campus, and to integrate this expertise into research collaborations and undergraduate and graduate training. The guiding concept of the program is to combine excellence in mathematics and computation with a fundamental interest and commitment to interdisciplinary science. This concept underlies all research and teaching activities.

CCIAM faculty are leaders in a wide range of core mathematics (ordinary, partial, and stochastic differential equations, dynamical systems, network and data science, asymptotic analysis, numerical methods, and scientific computation) and in the applications of core mathematics to fluid dynamics, material science, social science, astrophysics, and many areas of biology and biomedicine (cell, organismal, marine, immunology, drug delivery, physiology of the heart, lung, and brain, predictive modeling for surgery).

Anyone interested in educational and research opportunities is encouraged to contact CCIAM faculty individually or the Director.