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The Carolina Center for Interdisciplinary Applied Mathematics carries out research and training activities that focus on mathematical descriptions within the physical, engineering, biological, and medical sciences. The Center focus is to combine mathematical rigor and practical relevance, as reflected in undergraduate and graduate study, as well as in research activities of CCIAM faculty, post-doctoral scholars, and students.

The Applied Mathematics Program was started in 1996 as a result of a UNC initiative to provide mathematical modeling and computational simulation support for the applied sciences. The guiding concept of the program is to combine excellence in mathematical disciplines with a fundamental interest and commitment to interdisciplinary science. This concept underlies all research and teaching activities.

CCIAM mathematicians have contributed important advances to dynamical systems, fluid dynamics, computational algorithms, network science. These mathematical contributions have been applied to a wide range of traditional quantitative sciences such as astrophysics, materials science, photovoltaics, electronics, or chemistry. An exciting recent development is the introduction of quantitative methods into the social, biological and medical sciences, with much of the current research of the group focusing on developing mathematics applicable to these fields.