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Joint Fluids Lab

The Joint Applied Mathematics and Marine Sciences Fluids Lab (JFL) is an interdisciplinary research lab in the Carolina Center of Interdisciplinary and Applied Mathematics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The lab is a collaborative effort between professors, postdoctoral research associates, graduate students, undergraduate students and high school students in the Departments of Mathematics, Marine Sciences, Biology, and Physics.

This world class laboratory is 4500 square feet consisting of a thirty-six meter wave tank, a saltwater facility, a large scale wind tunnel, several recirculating flumes, and many small scale experimental setups. Along with having a large variety of experimental setups, we have the capabilities and necessary equipment to make quantitatively accurate measurements.

In the lab, we develop and run experiments and model various phenomenon observed in marine science and biology. Through our modeling, we aim to determine the fundamental physical concepts that underly these phenomenon. To meet these goals, we often must develop experimental techniques, analytical methods, and numerical simulations.

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