M. Gregory (Greg) Forest

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Primary Position: Professor of Mathematics & Biomedical Engineering
Other Positions: Director of Carolina Center for Interdisciplinary Applied Mathematics, Co-Director of the Institute for Advanced Materials
  • Professor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1996-present
  • Professor, Ohio State University, 1979-1996
  • Ph.D., Mathematics, University of Arizona, August 1979
  • M.S., Mathematics, University of New Orleans, December 1973
  • B.S., Mathematics, University of New Orleans, May 1972
Since 2010:
  1. A simple model for non-topological defects in sheared nematic polymer monodomains, (with E. Choate, L. Yao, X. Zheng, R. Zhou), Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanosciences, Vol. 7, 787-794 (2010); special issue on Nematic Liquid Crystalline Polymers and Nanocomposites, edited by Forest, Zhou & Wang.
  2. Mathematical studies and simulations of nematic liquid crystalline polymers and nanocomposites (A review), (with H. Zhou, H. Wang), J. Comput. Theor. Nanosci. Vol. 7, 645-660 (2010); special issue on Nematic Liquid Crystalline Polymers and Nanocomposites, edited by Forest, Zhou & Wang.
  3. 2D Lid-driven cavity flow of nematic polymers:  an unsteady sea of defects, (with X. Yang, Q. Wang, W. Mullins), Soft Matter DOI:10.1039/b908502e (2010).
  4. A 2-D kinetic theory for monodomain flows of polymer-rod nanocomposites, (with L. Liao, Q. Wang), Communications in Computational Physics, Vol. 7, No. 2, 250-282 (2010).
  5. Effects of strong anchoring on the dynamic moduli of heterogeneous nematic polymers II: Oblique anchoring angles, (with E. Choate, L. Ju), Rheologica Acta, DOI:10.1007/s00397-009-0397-1 (2010).
  6. Dynamic texture scaling of sheared nematic polymers in the large Ericksen number limit, (with S. Heidenreich, S. Hess, R. Zhou, X. Yang), J. Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, Vol. 165 (13), 687-697 (2010).
  7. Spatial Stress and Strain Distributions of Viscoelastic Layers in Oscillatory Shear, (with B. Lindley, B. Smith, S. Mitran, D. Hill), Mathematics and Computers in Simulation, DOI:10.1016/j.matcom.2010.07.031 (2010).
  8. A Kinetic Theory and Benchmark Predictions for Polymer Dispersed, Semi-Flexible Macromolecular Rods or Platelets, (with J. Li, Q. Wang, R. Zhou), Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena, Vol. 240, 114–130 (2011).
  9. Shearing the I-N phase transition of liquid crystalline polymers: long-time memory of defect initial data, (with K. Xu, X. Yang), Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems B, Vol. 15 (20), 457-473 (2011).
  10. Shear cell rupture of liquid crystal droplets in a viscous fluid, (with X. Yang, C. Liu, J. Shen), J. Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, Vol. 166 (9-10), 487-499 (2011).
  11. Dependence of the dynamic moduli of heterogeneous nematic polymers on planar anchoring relative to flow direction, (with E. Choate), Rheol. Acta, Vol.  50 (9-10), 767-778 (2011).
  12. Computational and Modeling Strategies for Cell Motility, (with Q. Wang, X. Yang, D. Adalsteinsson, T. Elston, K. Jacobson, M. Kapustina), invited chapter for Computational Modeling of Biological Systems: From Molecules to Pathways, N. Dokholyan, Editor, Springer, ISBN 978-1-4614-2145-0
  13. LCP droplet dispersions:  a two-phase, diffuse-interface kinetic theory and global droplet defect predictions, (with Q. Wang, X. Yang), Soft Matter, 2012, 8, 9642.
  • Active microrheology of soft biological matter
  • Passive microrheology of soft biological matter
  • Nematic polymers, liquid crystals, nano-rod dispersions:  their hydrodynamics and defect morphology
  • Cell mechanics
  • Network graph methods and statistical transport properties of nano-rod dispersions
  • Antibody-Virus interactions
  • Air-fluid pumping in conditions similar to human trachea
Address Department of Mathematics University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, NC, 27599-3250 Email forest (at) unc.edu
Telephone 919- Fax 919-962-2568
Office Phillips 307 Web site gregforest.web.unc.edu